Rank Testing and Promotion

*Training hours only includes: CMA Class, CMA Seminars, and Private Lessons

  with authorized CMA coach/instructor

1. Rank testing and promotion is held as a special formal evaluation session the night before CMA seminars with Guru Marrese Crump. At this special session, those students who are eligible will attend along with their instructor. Class mates and families are welcome to come support their personal achievement! 

2. To facilitate testing and continued education in the art of CMA, the group leader is responsible for inviting and arranging a CMA seminar with Guru Crump. (ideally once every 3-6 months)

3. Students will only test when they have a recommendation from their instructor or coach, and they feel confident and prepared. 

If there isn't a CMA group in your area Click Here

4. Requirements are specific for every rank and can involve demonstrating self defense techniques, pad drills, isolated skills, and over knowledge of the art of CMA.  Students must meet the minimum training requirements to be eligible for the test and level progression listed in the table below. 

5. Testing application & tuition are due before testing. No application will be accepted the day of the promotion.​​​​