In Loving Memory of Master Panna Rittikrai 

Marrese Crump has spent his entire life pursuing personal growth through the study of the martial way. His quest for knowledge has led him on many journeys seeking self mastery, training with some of the greatest masters of our time. 

Upon his entrance into the film industry, Marrese sought out the best mentor, 

Master Panna Rittikrai.  Master Panna is the mastermind behind the action of Tony Jaa movies such as Ong Bak,  and The Protector Series (Tom Yum Goong).  Marrese recognized that Master Panna brought realistic elements of the martial arts to the design of his action, and knew Panna's style would be a great fit for his own skill.  After Marrese traveled to Thailand to meet with Mr. Panna for a chance to work with him, Master Panna was so impressed with Marrese's skill and versatility that he took him under his wing and made him his one and only American protégé.

On July 20, 2014 Master Panna passed away in Bangkok, Thailand, leaving behind a true legacy in martial arts action history.  To this day, his work in films still inspires action fans all around the globe.