How to Start Your Journey in CMA

Step 1:

Purchase the CMA Curriculum White & Yellow Belt DVD

Step 2:

Find a CMA Group nearby, or a training buddy,  to study the material with you.  This is a great way to stay in tune with the art and to become a part of our community of positive supportive friends who will help you succeed and achieve your training goals. If there is not a CMA group in your area, you can aspire to becoming a CMA coach and starting a group in your area.  

All CMA coaches must receive a formal personal blessing from Guru Crump to initiate a study group.

For a list of official CMA study groups click Here. 

Step 3:

Attend Guru Marrese Crump's CMA seminars locally and/or abroad. This will help you gain greater insights through direct experiences and build friendships with other CMA students around the world. Also rank promotions are held by Guru Crump at scheduled seminar events for those who are eligible.