Marrese Crump

Guru Crump’s passion for martial arts sparked the very first time he saw "Enter The Dragon", a Bruce Lee film.  As a young child, he watched and imitated Bruce Lee's movements from the movies, as his fascination with the marital arts grew.


At the age of eight, destiny brought young Guru Crump to his first formal teacher, 

Master Kim-jay, and his journey as a dedicated martial artist began.  Guru Crump was accepted as Master Kim-Jay's student, paying for his lessons by doing chores around the Master's house like mowing his lawn or washing his cars, because Guru Crump's family could not afford to pay for conventional martial art classes.

Since the day he started training in Master Kim-Jay's garage, Guru Crump has grown immensely as a martial artist, and as a person.  Following the advice of his first teacher, he went out and immersed himself in many martial arts from all over the world.  Along this path, he received training from some of the world's top masters and grandmasters of our time.  

With the blessing of his masters, Guru Crump began his quest, to teach the martial arts as a way of life, to improve lives in totality, though his art of CMA.