Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CMA? 

CMA stands for Crump Martial Arts, and also can translate to Consciousness, Mastery, Awareness.  It's a martial arts system founded by Guru Marrese and his wife Kru Cha Crump. CMA combines martial arts and Conscious living into one powerful practice that helps students become the best version of themselves! 

2. Do I have to be a high level athlete to begin training in CMA? 

No, you don't need to be high level athlete to begin your practice. In fact, CMA techniques are designed specifically to give those who have little or no experience a clear step-by-step introduction to body mechanics, and allowing you time to gain the confidence in your abilities, which builds the proper foundation for future success in the art of CMA! 

3. Do I have to compete in tournaments if I train in CMA? 

CMA is NOT a sport. Although some of the physical skills may translate to sportive

martial arts, originally the CMA curriculum is completely focused on self-defense and

self-development. Our training environment is non-competitive in nature. CMA students learn together, train together, and help build each other up through the practice. 

4. What about belts, do you earns belts in CMA? 

CMA uses a progressive belt ranking system that goes from White to Black just like a traditional martial art. Adults wear color coded ranking Tshirts to represent their current level of study. Our youth students wear traditional martial art belts in place of the ranking level Tshirts.

5. What if I'm already training in other styles, and I have years of experience? 

Will I learn any thing new in CMA? 

Guru Marrese developed CMA based on a background of multiple styles of martial arts training. Then he created a clear and understandable methodology for learning, training, and retaining the art as you continue to grow. 
Yes, many people from various martial arts back ground currently enjoy the progress they have made through dedicated practice in CMA. Because the art was designed with the intent of evolving, the art continues to grow with you in all areas of your life. Many of our students find that they were able to decode many of the concepts they previously learned and also able to unlock new doors through training in the art of CMA!