CMA Dedicated Student Guide

​​How to be a dedicated CMA student  

​     1. Be consistent, attend scheduled classes weekly. 

     2. Students are required to wear training rank uniform T-shirt

         for every training sessions.

     3. Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled class

     4. Always be polite and respectful to the instructor, coach,

         and other students.

         Always address the instructor/coach with respect: Yes Sir,

         Yes Ma’m, Thank you sir, Thank Ma’m

     5. Make the most of every class by paying attention and asking    

         constructive questions. 

     6. Study your CMA Curriculum DVDs to constantly review the lessons

         in your belt-level curriculum

     7. Take responsibility for successfully passing your rank testing.  

         CMA ranks are earned, not given.        

     8. Immerse yourself in CMA's positive training atmosphere

         among friends who want to see you succeed.  Most importantly

         have FUN while you learn!