Blue Belt takes the student into the intermediate training phase.

At this level you will train to master proper timing for evading & escaping off-line, and out of range of an attackers grabs & punches.  You will learn how to move naturally to a position of strength while under pressure.  You'll become skilled in discovering the most effective ways to avoid violence whenever possible. As a blue belt student you will also explore the training fundamentals of sarong self defense techniques.

CMA Official Curriculum

Green Belt is where you develop greater sensitivity and natural flow in everything you do.

Your training will include learning effective ways to jam up the opponents attacks to avoid taking unnecessary damage. 

Training for you will also encompass using an opponent's own aggression as a way to redirect the momentum of a situation.
As a progressing martial artist, green belts also learn and practice fundamentals of knife self defense. 

White belt is the rank for Building Confidence! 

This is where you start developing basic knowledge and the ability to protect yourself when dealing with some of the most common forms of aggression.  You will learn how to block with a strong foundation, how to strike with good form and balance, and you will work to develop habits that empower you both in training and in life. 


Brown Belt and above takes the students into advanced training,

which includes researching, unlocking, and decoding knowledge & techniques from various disciplines of the martial arts.  Using our CMA Techniques Mastery System, you will have the tools to break down any skill step-by-step to add on move-by-move as you customize your training experience leading up to earning your Black Belt in the art of CMA.

Yellow Belt is the rank where you learn to use your energy more effectively.

You will develop timing to make techniques more powerful and efficient. You will learn how to use the science of angles and sectoring to your advantage. At this level you learn also how to deal with simple surprise attacks. As a part of Yellow belt syllabus, students also train in core fundamentals of stick fighting for self defense. ​

CMA Life Skills

"CMA life skills" is an empowering and insightful part of our practice that helps our student develop beyond just physical self defense.  Every CMA training class implements life skills that include but not limited to: 

1. Building up confidence as a way to self empowerment
2. Becoming more effective with your time and energy
3. Learning to go with the flow and naturally accomplish more
4. Developing happier and healthier lifestyle  
5. Discovering your purpose, live the life you desire, and create positive impact around the world! 

Red Belt is the first advanced belt rank in CMA.

As a red belt, you will explore ways to recover from being taken to the ground.  Your training will cover strategic ground escapes and defenses. As an advanced practitioner of the art you will also learn how to utilize projectile weapons to distract and discourage an attacker.  You will also begin your journey into unlocking and decoding the deeper lessons that are seamlessly integrated into the CMA Training Methodology. 

CMA uses the "template structure" training method, as well as slow controlled exploration of movements, to help you discover your own potential.  Training and studying in each belt level gives you the blueprint for understanding the concepts, techniques, and mental attitudes for mastering the art step by step.  Within the CMA curriculum, "CMA Life Skills" is harmoniously incorporated into each belt level to encourage each student's personal growth beyond the physical aspect of training.