What is CHA?

CHA is an inclusive way of life, designed to create a happier, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle.  Everybody can benefit from this way of life because it's comprehensive and flexible.  CHA will help you grow, and CHA will grow with you.

C = Conscious 
Being present and aware of what you are doing, knowing exactly why you are doing it, understanding the effects (Positive and negative) it might have on others, and choosing to do and be it whole heartedly.

H = Homemaking 
The act of managing your home physically, emotionally, and spiritually, making it comfortable and suitable for your happy living, and also for others who share the space with you. 
Your home includes all of the environment you are spending time in, starting from your body to all the spaces you occupy, so your apartment, your room in someone else's house, your house, your office, your car, or your friend's couch you always crash on can all be considered as a home. On a larger scale, your town, state, country, are all parts of your home, all the way up to the planet and the universe, which is the home to everything we know existed.

A = Art
The skills and techniques in applying a concept to use, with the ability to adapt and adjust according to each unique situations, not with cookie cutters logic.  
Because every person is different, making every home unique, applying the same concept to different homes never gets you the same exact result.  That is why you need the ability to adjust each concept to find what fits you best.