What is CMA?

CMA is a living system that is based on the martial arts. Our comprehensive structured level curriculum utilizes both physical and mental training methods to help our students unlock their greatest potential. 


M = Martial

A = Arts

Our Commitment: 

"To inspire our students to become the best version of themselves through CMA mind and body training."

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A = Awareness

M = Mastery

C = Consciousness

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Learn   Train   Retain   Evolve...  and have FUN! 

CMA martial arts focuses on helping our students progress in a fun and friendly community of individuals 

who encourage and inspire each other to keep building!  We promote happy and healthy living as part of our

training philosophy, making CMA so much more than just a physical practice.  Step by step, our students learn powerful martial arts techniques, train diligently toward self mastery, retain essential life skills, and evolve

into the best version of themselves.